The Hair Styling Sessions

If there is one thing I honestly dislike, it is styling my hair. Or blow drying like we call it here. Especially when you have like a bit of a curl in it, and now that the grey’s are coming, even more…. One thing about these grey hair, is that there always seem to be new hair growing. So at least I am not going bold, like poor hubby next to me. 

You see, I always feel that most things in life has 3 parts. The beginning (or the start), then halfway (or the middle) and then the finish (or the end).I have to blow dry my hair in 3 layers. So I take most of it up in a pin and start with the bottom layer. Which is still okay (in a small way). By the time I get to the middle, I always seem to tell myself that I am going to call my hairdresser for an appointment and just cut everything off. I want to brush my hair with a washcloth!!! That is what ‘the middle’ feels like. It feels like giving up. It feels like this is taking too much of my time. It feels like, I need a short-cut. To smooth out all this hair takes effort…. Then comes the last bit. Every hair starts to fall into place. The picture in the mirror starts to seem more presentable and I might just feel good about myself, I think. And before I know it, I have moved on to make-up etc…. Then out the door to do what needs to be done for the day. I even feel good about myself, cause the hair came out just fine and what seemed like it would take forever, has actually not taken up too much of my time and all the effort has been forgotten, till the next session.

But this made me think about life. We have this dream and we are excited because we can already see the end result. Everyone of us has a dream. But for any dream to become reality, something needs to be done. Some action needs to take place. The beginning might not seem that bad or difficult. You can even envision the end result as you work hard to make this dream a reality. Low and behold, then comes the ‘middle’ or ‘halfway’ part. You get tired and all you can see is maybe this one obstacle that would not move quick enough. So we have to stay at the same place a bit longer than planned. We might have to do the same thing over and over, until we get it right. It is here that many believers give up on their dreams, or start to look for that ‘short-cut’. I love what James says in James 1:4 – Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything. This is much easier said than done, as most of us will agree. It is hard to keep bumping into the same obstacle, or keep getting NO for an answer, when you are so convinced that this is God’s dream for you. But then he says in verse 12; “Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love him.” NIV 

When we see and experience the end result of what He has for us, it is all worth it. We never forget the ‘middle’ part, because that is the most important part. The part where God teaches us and strenghtens us and we experience His power and love and mercies, like never before. We learn and grow in our walk with Christ most, in the ‘middle’ part. So when you start working on your next dream, you will have more faith, more patience and you will walk in the knowing that God is still in control. Nothing is impossible with God. There will be a finish line for this task too, and IT WILL BE SWEET AND BLESSED!!

He Adores You!!

I have wonderful neighbors!! Just get along so well and became friends from the get go..

Isn’t it just such a blessing to get along with your neighbors? I was visiting with my neighbor-friend, the other day, while her grandchildren were visiting for a few days. They are still quite small. About the ages of 11, 8 and 6. Little busy bodies, as children at that age are, and just wanted their grandma’s attention every 5 minutes. While we were in conversation they would keep interrupting us for some small ‘need’, which they seem to see as urgent. I kind of got annoyed at some point for the constant interruptions, but she would just give them their second or two and let them ask away…. You know we were brought up that you do NOT interrupt the grown ups!!!

Something struck me at some stage in this whole incident. She had such a look of love and admiration every time she looked at one of them. She basically had a look of adoration on her face all the time. She never got annoyed with them, or felt like she had to take them out of the room. She just LOVED them!

I walked away from that visit and asked the Lord; ‘Do you look at me like that?’. It may sound silly to you, but you know what… Deep in my heart I realized I would just love it if I knew that He looked at me with that much love and adoration. My answer that I got was short and very SWEET. ‘YES, BECAUSE YOU ARE MINE’. My smile did reach my ears, yes!! I just love to know that each day and even on my ‘not such a good day’, He looks at me with love. He knows my every thought and most importantly, He knows my hearts. But I am His, and no matter how I may falter, He will look at me with that much love in His eyes and heart. For me, that is more than enough to get me through my day….

So take it from me, you are looked upon with much LOVE.

Have an awesome day!!


Oh my word, I struggle to set up this page. Eventually I will get it right, right? At some point my story will get words and I will feel so much better getting my words out of my system. Isn’t that what we all would like to do. Finding a place where we can just write everything down. If it makes sense or not…. I like books!! So I suppose that is what I will be writing about most. My husband and I, with our daughter, lives in a town in which I never wanted to settle in. My hometown, town where I was born. Too much hurt here. Too much familiar faces and the hurt and gossip following me. Most of the time I feel like I am suffocating in this place. That would explain the love of books. Something I can just hide in and put myself in a lonely corner, while exploring the world through the pages of other’s lives. How many of you are out there, feeling like me???